Key Aspects

Fast Transactions

The ability to transfer without the need for confirmations.


The masternodes will lock transactions to increase the security within the network.


There will be a circulating supply of just 5000000.

Easy Setup

Alpha provides a 1 click MN setup. This is perfect for investors looking to tap into the node market, without being faced with the prospect of complex Linux commands. All you have to do is run a simple script on the VPS server and your node will be running in no time.


The use of coin obfuscation, gives the user the opportunity to make their transactions virtually untraceable.

Stable ROI

An annual ROI of 2100% gives node holders high returns. This will decrease slowly over time, which rewards early investors and minimizes the chance of an exchange dump.


Download Wallet

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Roadmap Section


Specification Section

Specification Details
Algorithm Quark
Supply: 5,000,000 Supply after 1yr: 8,640,000
Supply after 2yrs: 16,793,600
Supply after 5yrs: 26,254,400
Supply after 10yrs: 42,022,400
POS/Masternode Rewards MN: 60%
POS: 40%
Specification Details
MN Collateral 10000
Coin Maturity 2 hrs
Confirmations 100
Decimals 8
RPC Port 52334
P2P Port 52335
Block Reward Settings
Specification Details
Day 1-10 20
Day 10-110 20
Day 110-210 18
Day 210-310 15
Day 310-360 10
Node Rewards
ROI 2100%* (M1)
1892% (M2)
1577% (M3)
1051% (M4)
Next Block Reward
36 11 32 44
Days Hours Minutes Seconds